Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fluorite gemstone jewelry

Fluorite gemstone jewelry is said to have a lot of benefits. This type of gemstone has the capacity to enhance your free spirit. Once you adorn your body with necklaces, bracelets and earrings made up of this gemstone you are bound to fall in love with this jewelry. Keeping this gemstone on your body will enable you to increase your ability to concentrate by eliminating small tensions. This is ideal for the students as this enhances the concentration powers. Some people prefer to call these gemstones as a “genius stones”. Pendants, bracelets and necklaces made up of these gemstones are favorites of all.

Aquamarine bracelets

The beauty of the seductive blue lagoon is experienced even though the magical aquamarine gemstone bracelets which is also the birthstone for March. The jewelry designers can create some amazing experiments with this gemstone that appeals to you. Cool and trendy are the two most important ways to beautify yourself. The name of this gemstone suggests its link with water. When you look at the bracelets made up of this gemstone you are bound to fall in love with this. The soothing color of this material and the amazing shape that this designer bracelet takes is definitely appealing. It is though tough to find aquamarine stone that is inexpensive but the ultimate jewelry that results will make you forget the amount you have spent on buying the stone.

Galloping stallion pendants

Horses are a big craze now not only in Florida but also in other parts of US. If you can pick up a right combination of the horse appreciation jewelry then you are bound to become the center of attraction. These horse jewelries are wonderfully styled and artistically presented. The swirling mane and the upraised hooves are made prominent in the stallion horse jewelry. These fantastic pieces when hangs from the simple inexpensive designer necklaces can glorify you. Though a necklace of this sort might not be apt for an evening party but you can obviously wear them when you are heading for your office. These stallion pendants are usually simple and expressive. So to unleash the woman within yourself you can make use of these jewelries.

Cause jewelries

There are certain types of fashion jewelry that are made and created to highlight a special cause. It can also be created for the purpose of raising awareness. Most of the designer jewelry companies keep a huge assortment of these jewelries and hence it becomes easier for you to select the right one. At times it might happen that the awareness program organizers gift their volunteers these type of cause jewelries that can bear a lot of meaning when put on by these people. Ribbons and other inexpensive materials are used for making this type of jewelries. Breast cancer and AIDS awareness jewelries are also sold out in volumes. These are also included in the same category of jewelry that is very rapidly gaining prominence worldwide.

Venetian glass bead jewelry

Venetian glass has gathered fame over the years. Jewelries made up of this material is gaining a lot of importance everyday. Venetian glass beads of various colors are definitely eye-catching and can look awesome on any one. The fancy Venetian glass beads when combined together forms an excellent piece of jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings made up of this material look amazingly stunning. The use of Venetian beads in making jewelry started much earlier and is also not concentrated in a particular region. The modern world women who believe in the fusion of culture and style are now making the best possible use of these Venetian bead necklaces. Jewelry bracelets made up of these beads have attained the maximum popularity. These beads are directly imported from Murano and Venice and hence they are very much close to the place.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Burgandy color ceramic necklace

This designer necklace is timeless and elegant. It is just suitable for any occasion and is definitely going to make you look amazing. There is no cocktail of colors or the presence of any expensive materials but yet this necklace hugs your neck with utter elegance and style. The combination of ceramic and beads that are used for making this necklace is no wonder very stylistic and is suitable for just any occasion. The necklace can be 17.5” in length and can be put on in two different styles. The first layer consists of rounded beads, while the one below it can consist of the oval shaped beads. Vivace Jewelry, which is an inventory of all these types of jewelries, has burgundy two-layered ceramic necklace in their collection.

Black and gold earrings

This combination is definitely interesting and it looks amazing when you adorn this on your body. Each time you move your head the black ceramic earrings engulfed in the golden chain produces a fragile movement that can touch the heart of any one staring at you. The stunning presentations of the black and gold earrings are going to produce different look in you in every way and you are also going to look brilliant in them. It is not actually gold that is used in this pair of designer earring that Vivace Jewelry has in store but it is an inexpensive metal that has been gold-plated. The hooks that pass through your ears are also the finely curved metals that are bound to make you look simple and pleasant. This type of earrings can be put on even when you are heading for your office. Light and trendy are the two most apt words that can be used to describe these pair of earrings.